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LED Platform

Our LED platforms are currently made up of the following:

CREE XHP 35/50/70

Utilised in most of our products from late 2015, the XHP series from CREE is built on their latest SC5 platform which features increased heat management and greatly extended lifetime lumen maintenance. 


Used in our range of steplights and micro-bollards, the XBD is a minature LED chip built around a versatile footprint that still generates more than enough light for our applications. Available in a range of colours increases the design potential for this family of LEDs.

Lumileds Luxeon Z / TX

Featured in our AGL-250 & AGL-500 range of LED drop in globes, using the Lumileds product here ensures long-term performance of these products and remarkable CCT consistancy and tight binning. 

LG 5630

Used for our range of AQS strip lighting, the LG 5630 is a market leading mid-power chip that allows us to deliver strip lighting products that put out over 1200lm / M.