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Aqualux utilises the latest technology from major suppliers around the globe as well as developing our own in-house solutions. The choice for us is clear when it comes to component and material selection - we use only the best, most trusted suppliers: CREE, Molex, Dow Corning, SCHOTT to name a few. 

LED Platforms

Our main LED supplier is CREE and we reguarly upgrade our primary LED platform as CREE releases new generations of product. Given the extremely rapid evolution in LED technology, it doesn't make sense at the moment to continue using an LED platform that is 2~3 years old - the improvements in lumen output, heat management and lifetime lumen maintenance are too large to ignore. By staying current with the LED revolution we ensure our products deliver a best-in-class solution for our customers.

Integrated multiSource Driver

Custom developed internal drivers in all our of locally built LED products ensure maximum compatibilty with existing lighting systems as well as extreme flexibility in designing new installations. With a nominal operating voltage of 24V AC/DC, our multiSource driver will accommodate a wide range of input voltages, allowing for thinner cables and longer runs. Exact performance specifications depend on the specific product and configuration options.

IP Rated to Last

Outdoor lighting that is designed to last must be adequately protected from the ingress of water and breakdown from exposure to UV. From the launch of our first Lumena range in 2006, Aqualux has carried out extensive field testing to ensure the long term durability and performance of our lighting products. From custom tooled gaskets to high-performance optically clear silicone epoxy, Aqualux products incorporate a number of approaches to ensure long lasting Ingress Protection.

Advanced Materials

Built with the right material, quality outdoor lighting should last many years. Our preferred materials are CNC machined 6000-Series aluminium and pressure-cast brass, both of which offer high-stability in harsh environments over long periods of time and are routinely utilised in the Marine, Aeronautics and Military industries for the variety of performance characteristics they offer. Stainless Steel 316 is also a viable option when worked correctly however requires a higher level of on-going maintenance.

Global Supply, Australian Workmanship

The majority of Aqualux products are fully assembled in our Sydney-based factory. Components are sourced from various suppliers around the world and integrated into finished products on our build-to-order assembly line. With over 10,000 possible product configurations our manufacturing systems are optimised for rapid turn-around and flexible output. Maintaining our local production and assembly capacity is critical to on-going product quality management and timely customer order fulfillment.