Aqualux Designs

At the heart of each product is a need. Identified and often in collaboration with our customers, the requirement for a particular type of lighting effect is explored and researched, simulated, and prototyped. The form should follow the function yet the process is often emergent rather than self-evident. It requires a commitment to first principles and always the question to be asked: what is it for, who is it for and how will it be made.

From Dieter Rams to Naoto Fukasawa, a line can be drawn that connects the goal of good design and the sense of harmony that should follow. This sense should encompass not only the aesthetic but also the internal construction and the installation process - good design is not superficial.

Aqualux approaches all of its product design challenges with the same principle in mind - what will achieve the objective in the most elegant way possible. This principle is applied continuously from the design phase through to manufacture and installation, including the impact on the visual environment during its lifetime as a luminaire and the environmental load created during and at the end of the product life cycle.

Engineering a balanced product that exceeds expectations in performance requires a deep understanding of the components that operate within. Our electronics engineering has always been pushing forward, rarely accepting off-the-shelf solutions when a custom-developed approach will suit better.

Advanced test and engineering equipment is necessary for this process to occur and for products to be developed that are safe, compliant, and performant. The Aqualux Lab continues to grow and is the place where our future is engineered.