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February 2023 - NSW Account Manager

Jay Tarlinton started on 15th February 2023 as our second Account Manager servicing NSW. He comes with a wealth of lighting experience and should be visiting NSW clients soon.

Jaunary 2023 - The architectural house

The technology-driven design has made this Architectural house a living icon on the Melbourne foreshore. The unique construction of the house lends itself to engaging lighting colours and effects, attracting attention using light, shadow and colour for optimal influence and response. Another stunning design by Chris Clout.

August, 2022 - General installation guide

Our general installation guide displays most installation applications required for our product range, including spikes, surface mounts, and recessed luminaires. 

June 2022 - 3D Printing

The mechanical properties of the Nylon 12 material have been developed for advanced additive manufacturing projects and can substitute injection moulding plastics. Thanks to its moisture absorption rate which provides good resistance to chemicals, and good UV resistance, making it suitable to create parts that are exposed to any weather condition in Australia.

Our 3D-printed concrete canisters are made to suit each of our recessed luminaires. This ensures a perfect fit without concrete spillage during the pour and allows for extra security in how the fitting is retained within the canister.

Easy and rapid customisation for parts in our luminaires give us the opportunity to produce exactly what we need, when we need it, with the knowledge that they will be durable and reliable.

July 2021 - Powder Coating

Aqualux utilises the Dulux Electro Powdercoat range to provide a range of body finish options. With a super durable polyester powder coat, designed to last in extreme Australian conditions. Combined with our state-of-the-art pre-treatment line and aerospace-grade passivation, Aqualux luminaire finishing is industry-leading protection for ultra-long-lasting protection in urban, rural and coastal landscape environments.

May 2021 - Leading by example - Australian Made

In early 2021, we took delivery of a brand new Okuma LB3000exii-MY lathe, including an auto-feeder and various other enhanced options. As the core of our new machine shop, the LB is a state-of-the-art lathe from one of the world's leading manufacturers of CNC equipment.

We took the approach that if we were to make an investment in bringing back more manufacturing to Australia, we would only do it with the best equipment and in the most sustainable way possible.